Welcome to the New Paintings Section

These paintings are paintings not previously published on this website from Karen's vast number of paintings she just created for the love of it.
They are divided by their physical size of the paper they were painted on:
Small(11x15), Medium (15x22) and Large (22x30). Just click on these blue letterings to go to the first painting in each section. You can use the arrows on the left and right of each painting to scroll through that section. There will be buttons in the upper right corner of each page tor return to this page and too go to either of the other sections of these new paintings. Here is a summary of the number of paintings in each section:
Small: 0
Medium: 0
Large: 0
Last Updated: 7/8/22

When new paintings are added to this section of this website, there will be notes on the website Welcome Page and a more detailed description on this page(s).

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